:( you are so amazing i just want to hold you tightly forever.

so um. yeah you look absolutely, fucking, amazingly, beautiful. .-. yes. i want to sleep next to you and kiss the fuck out of you. yes. i want to hold you and wake up next to you. fghlnfhfdgh. you may not feel it, but you look absolutely fucking beautiful so whatever <3

You’re mine jesi <3 all mine. like all mine only.

  • : 3 you'll wear it because of me. Oh my god .-.
  • It looks sexy on you : 3 . *holds the lead*
  • Why am I like this. Seriously

I hope I’m not the reason you are unhappy.

I love you so much, Jesi.

I’m sorry that you are feeling sad and unhappy, i wish i could help that go away, you know i’m here if you ever want to talk about it, even if it’s about me or life issues. i will listen to your words and your amazing voice.

I hope you are feeling better tomorrow, Jesi. <3 I love you


Clear your mind here

  • I'm obsessed with you jesi i want to talk to you 24/7
  • You're so beautiful jesi <3
  • I know you don't believe me but you are beautiful and I love when you just send me pictures I love being the only one to have them and I love looking at them, you're sexy and I really can't wait to kiss you jesi.

I don’t look at you because you say stuff or said something. i look at you because i find you attractive.

  • I love just looking at you
  • You're sexy and I really need you and want you <3 jesi slave

You’re so beautiful, i want you jesi :c

it’s still some time away and i’m kind of nervious

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