even though i get to talk to her everyday, *sigh* i miss her all the time, even if she just goes to get something to eat, i hate having to go without hearing her voice for even a moment, like seriously, all i can think about is our future together, all i can think about is the moment i get to kiss her and tell her, it’ll be alright, to hug her, to have a pillow fight, to even just walk down the street together.

she is literally the only thing in this world that i look forward to everyday

Jesi, i wish so much just to be able to hold you in my arms right now, and for long long periods of time

I swear, she is perfect to me

Jesi, i need you so much, Please

jealousy gets the best of us

and all we can do is express ourselfs, which is the hardest thing to do, or ignore it and feel worried and bothered

when you love someone, and they accept you, even if you’re jealous, it’s an amazing thing, because they accept your jealousy and they would do anything to reassure you, so you wouldn’t have to worry or feel bothered.

"the best advice i’ve ever been given was, “Don’t give into something that makes your life seem easier if it makes you someone else completely”"

Jesi i love you more than anything


:\ i want you so bad, i want to see your eyes in person, i want to hold you tightly and i want to do everything with you

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