Jesi, i swear to you, i need you. don’t you ever go off thinking you should be dead, because where you should be is in my arms so i can protect you and make you smile

#sleep <3 Jesi <3

The most thing that fucking sucks?

not being able to be right next to her, touching her hand and kissing her goodnight, until the morning, then again when we sleep or nap. fucking sucks so fucking bad. fuck.

shes just so beautiful, and amazing, i could always wake up to her, and fall asleep next to her

#Bed, I just want to see you already.

It’s normal to feel scared,

Is it not?

i just like knowing that everyone knows you’re mine, and that i’m yours.

i feel like i can be persistent on subjects and obsessive on certain subjects, but then again, how can i not be, i want to meet you so much

you, and the moment i get to meet you, are the only two things on my mind, that’s all that is ever on my mind since the day i first started talking to you.

Gots meh passport, now i’m almost all set for the UK :3333333

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